We've embedded the Sustainable Development Goals into our core operations, and are actively contributing directly and indirectly towards all the goals through our advocacy work; our accounting, advisory and consultancy services; and, our academy projects.  

We aim to contribute towards all the SDGs by actively raising awareness, and providing practical resources to help civil society organisationengage with the goals.


SDG Advocacy

Chapter 8 aims to empower women through entrepreneurship. We are working in conjunction with St Mary's University, aiming to build a collaborative and coordinated approach to support the development of refugee owned micro social enterprises.

Chapter 8

Our workshops aim to strengthen civil society organisations by encouraging  accountability and transparency; increasing board financial literacy; and, promoting diversity and inclusion. 

Boards That Work 

 We will be working with young women aged between 18 and 25, and providing them with training opportunities to become charity trustees.

Young Trustees

There is still time to mobilise efforts and tackle climate change. However, success depends on the active engagement of the government, businesses, civil society and individuals. Our CAN project aims to raise awareness of climate change issues and provide practical resources.

CAN (Climate Action Now)

We're collaborating and building strong partnerships with organisations across different sectors, sharing knowledge and expertise to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Building Partnerships 


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