Our Governance Services

Good governance is more than mere compliance with legislation or a tick box exercise – it spans many areas of a charity or impact organisation’s activities, which all contribute towards the establishment of a well governed, effective, inclusive and transparent entity.

At Social Practice ENT, we provide expert led workshops and consultancy services that help our clients work towards achieving strong governance systems. 

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Consultancy work

We help our clients to refocus and realign their organisations with their mission and values. 


Our consultancy work includes:​​

  • helping boards to gain insights into their organisational culture by carrying out organisational internal culture audits (our culture audits are carried out in line with ICAEW internal audit guidelines);

  • helping boards to ensure that their services and policies are led and shaped by service users;

  • developing lived experience/service user trustee training programmes;

  • helping clients to make transparent social and environmental disclosures in their Trustee Annual Report, including reporting on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion disclosures.

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Inclusive governance workshop (2hours)

As part of the inclusive governance workshop,  we facilitate an honest conversation with the board of trustees/directors and the senior leadership team, about: power and privilege; board representation;  anti-oppression practices; and, changes that can be made to help establish a more diverse, inclusive and welcoming culture. Using our internally developed Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion framework, we help our clients to formulate a strategic plan during the workshop.


Having a range of trustees with diversity of lived experiences, characteristics, educational backgrounds and professional qualifications makes the board less homogenous – which is a positive step towards better governance. 

Our workshop is designed to be interactive and engaging, and lasts approx 2 hours. It can be delivered online via Zoom or in person at your office.


Charity governance compliance training  (1.5 hours)

Our governance compliance training is geared towards the specific needs of new charity trustees, especially trustees with no prior governance knowledge or experience.


We have experience delivering training to young trustees and first time trustees from under represented groups. Our governance compliance training can also serve as refresher training for existing trustees.

Our approach to governance training is engaging, innovative and simple. We pride ourselves in being able to break down complex governance requirements into simple accessible training material. 


The key areas covered during the session include:

  • the legal responsibilities of trustees;

  • decision making, risk and control;

  • board effectiveness; and,

  • best practice in governance.

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Lived Experience Trustees: Board Training  (2.5 hours)

Our lived experience trustees workshop was designed following research which was conducted with existing and prospective trustees that have lived experience of the criminal justice system. Our workshops are geared towards the needs of charities working in the criminal justice charity sector, looking to recruit trustees with lived expertise. Specifically, charities that lack an understanding of the adjustments that may need to be made to ensure that lived experience trustees are recruited and included in an equitable manner.  


Our training includes:

  • How to develop an inclusive trustee recruitment pack

  • How to ensure that the recruitment process remains equitable, including short listing processes and interviewing panels 

  • How to create an inclusive board and organisational culture, that takes into account anti-oppression practices 

  • How to break down the barriers that trustees with lived experience of the criminal justice system may encounter as first time trustees


Our research-led workshop is designed to be interactive and engaging, and lasts approximately 2.5 hours. It can be delivered online via Zoom or in person at your office.

A group of women at a business meeting