Our purpose, work & values

We have as single, simple purpose – to use our social enterprise as a force for good, that helps to create a sustainable, fairer and more inclusive society.

We aim to use our social enterprise as a tool for systemically achieving deep level social change in the areas that we work.  This is why we have integrated the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals into our core operations and are actively involved in assisting other organisations to do the same.

Our work is strategically split into the three pillars listed below. 

Top tier: addressing inequality at policy level

 Achieving true equality calls for proactive, collaborative action –– as no one organisation or sector can single handedly tackle inequality.  This is why we have been advocating engagement with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and actively encouraging other organisations that are concerned about achieving social justice and equality to do the same.  

Mid tier: addressing inequality through support work that centres around capacity building 

In carrying out our work, we aim to adopt a capacity building approach that enables our client base to survive, adapt and thrive. We work primarily with charitable organisations that are set up to address issues of inequality. This is particularly important to us, as we believe that by helping to strengthen other social organisations, we can effectively maximise our collective impact.

Bottom tier: addressing inequality at grassroots level

Our incubation programmes are run through our academy arm and they aim to facilitate the creation of leadership development and social entrepreneurship opportunities for individuals from underrepresented communities, as well as those furthest from the labour market. Our approach involves combining research, programme delivery and multi-stakeholder engagement, to create and deliver high impact activities that benefit individual  participants, whilst simultaneously contributing towards systems change. 

Our core values that underpin the work that we do include:


We are willing to challenge the status quo, to take necessary risks and act innovatively.


We strongly value the transfer of skills and knowledge to maximise impact


We are passionate about the work that we do and the communities that we serve.


We believe in the power of collaboration with other organisations and across sectors.


We believe that it is essential to consider the future impact of our immediate decisions. 


We believe that together we can end poverty; protect the planet; and, ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.