Our Finance Services

We help our clients to develop well-functioning financial controls and financial reporting systems.

We also deliver expert led finance training, geared towards the needs of first time trustees or directors. Whether you are a new trustee with no prior financial management knowledge, or you are a new board of social entrepreneurs looking to get to grips with your finances – our training will equip you with the foundational knowledge needed to competently discharge your responsibilities.

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Finance training (1.5 hours)

Whether you are a new trustee from a non-finance background, or a social entrepreneur looking to get to grips with your finances – our training will equip you with the foundational knowledge needed to competently discharge your responsibilities.

We pride ourselves in being able to break down complex accountancy regulations into simple accessible training material, and as such, our finance training is geared towards the specific needs of first time trustees and social enterprise directors. 

The training session will last approx 1.5hours and  it can be delivered online via Zoom or in person at your office. The key areas covered during the session include:

Charity finance option

  • Statutory SORP reporting

  • Budgets and management accounts

  • Internal controls and risk

  • Treasurers and sub committees

Social enterprise finance option

  • Statutory FRS 102  reporting

  • Management reporting

  • Internal controls and risk

  • Corporation tax requirements


Charity accounting and independent examinations

An independent examination should not be viewed solely as a check-the-box compliance exercise, but rather as a mechanism for fostering accountability and transparency. This ultimately helps to improve trust and confidence in the charity sector.

Our independent examinations are carried out in full accordance with the Charity Commission's directions and guidance for examiners (CC32). Furthermore, as part of our added value service we include a key controls evaluation report as standard, that provides an expert assessment of your charity's internal control environment — helping your trustees to meet their legal duties to safeguard the charity’s assets.

For an integrated and  streamlined service, the independent examination may be carried out at the same time as your accounts preparation. We work closely with you to produce charity accounts that are transparent and fully compliant with the SORP and where applicable, company law.

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Social enterprise accounting

Not only do we work with social entreprises, we run one too. We therefore fully understand the vast challenges that arise when trying to run an impact based organisation.

As part of our social enterprise accounting service, we'll assists you with putting together your financial strategy for the next five years, and help you to formulate a financial plan and annual budget for your social enterprise. We'll meet with you at the start of the year to discuss targets for the year ahead; mid-year, to check up on progress; and at the end of the year, to help you prepare your statutory financial statements.

We'll help you to develop and strengthen the skills, processes and resources that your enterprise needs to survive, adapt, and thrive. Most importantly, you will have peace of mind that your social enterprise's affairs are in proper order –– allowing you to focus your efforts on delivering your impact.

For an integrated and  streamlined service, your statutory financial statements will be prepared at the same time as your corporation tax return, where applicable.

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Grantee digital transformation support

We work with foundations to provide their grantees with support strengthening their financial accounting processes through the use of digital technology.


We specialise in working with small lived-experience-led charities and impact organisations that have very limited accounting infrastructures in place.

Our digital transformation projects generally focus on the following areas:

  • Document management

  • Budgets and management reporting systems

  • Collaboration and approvals

  • Internal financial control systems

  • Asset management

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