We are a non-profit accounting and consultancy social enterprise, built on strong social justice principles. We are both activists and practitioners – determined to use our enterprise as a force for good. 


Our work involves working with charities and social enterprises to tackle inequality through systemic social change.

Social Practice ENT

Our Approach 

A progressive leadership approach is needed across all the sectors, in order to adapt to today’s societal pressures and demands. This is why we are actively involved in engaging organisations with the United Nations' SDGs — to achieve a more inclusive, just, sustainable and stable society. 

We aim to achieve deep level social change in the areas that we work.  As such, our work is strategically split into the three pillars listed below.

Top Tier

Advocacy (United Nations SDGs)

Achieving true equality calls for proactive, collaborative action –– as no one organisation or sector can single handedly tackle inequality .

Mid Tier

Accounting, Advisory & Consultancy 

In carrying out our work, we aim to adopt a capacity building approach that enables our client base to survive, adapt and thrive. 

Lower Tier

Academy (Grassroots Projects)

Our social projects are run through our academy arm and they aim to facilitate the creation of opportunities for underrepresented groups.


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