Social Enterprise Accounting

We speak your social language. 


Not only do we work with social entreprises, we run one too. We therefore fully understand the vast challenges that arise when trying to run an impact based organisation. 

As part of our social enterprise accounting service, we'll assists you with putting together your financial strategy for the next five years, and help you to formulate a financial plan and annual budget for your social enterprise. We'll meet with you at the start of the year to discuss targets for the year ahead; mid-year, to check up on progress; and at the end of the year, to help you prepare your statutory financial statements. 


We'll help you to develop and strengthen the skills, processes and resources that your enterprise needs to survive, adapt, and thrive. Most importantly, you will have peace of mind that your social enterprise's affairs are in proper order –– allowing you to focus your efforts on delivering your impact.

For an integrated and  streamlined service, your statutory financial statements will be prepared at the same time as your corporation tax return, where applicable.

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As a registered social enterprise, we're participating in Social Enterprise UK's flagship campaign, 'Buy Social'.


Buying social is about using your money, as an individual or an organisation, to create a positive impact on the world we live in. When you buy from a social enterprise you are choosing to spend your money with a business that is giving something back, reinvesting their profits to address the most pressing issues, from homelessness and unemployment to ethical trade and climate change. 

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