Charity Accounts & Independent Examinations

"The role of the independent examiner is to provide an independent scrutiny of the accounts, helping to maintain public trust and confidence in charities"

-CC32 (09/2017)

An independent examination should not be viewed solely as a check-the-box compliance exercise, but rather as a mechanism for fostering accountability and transparency. This ultimately helps to improve trust and confidence in the charity sector.


Our independent examinations are carried out in full accordance with the Charity Commission's directions and guidance for examiners (CC32). Furthermore, as part of our added value service we include a key controls evaluation report as standard, that provides an expert assessment of your charity's internal control environment — helping your trustees to meet their legal duties to safeguard the charity’s assets. 


For an integrated and  streamlined service, the independent examination may be carried out at the same time as your accounts preparation. We work closely with you to produce charity accounts that are transparent and fully compliant with the SORP and where applicable, company law. 

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